Officine Italiane Zard has always had very strong bonds with European brands and obviously Moto Guzzi is no exception, for a relationship that has reached all the way to the international race tracks.

The Officine Italiane Zard catalogue contains dozens of different exhaust systems for dozens of different motorbike models, but that's not all: let's discover Zard accessories and special parts together!

Officine Italiane Zard makes exhaust systems for motorbikes using mainly stainless steel and titanium. What are the differences between these materials?

How is a Zard exhaust system born? What is the process that turns an idea into a complete system in the hands of a customer?

When you say Zard, you immediately think of Triumph. Over the years, the two brands have bonded in a special way, but how did this happen? What is it that links Zard to Triumph?

The Officine Italiane Zard collection for Harley-Davidson has given birth to a range of exhaust systems and accessories that combine Italian design, fine materials and pure American spirit. Let's discover it now.

Titanium, stainless steel, carbon fibre, shaped by hand to create a masterpiece: Officine Italiane Zard has created the new racing exhaust kit dedicated to the powerful twin-cylinder Ducati Panigale V2.

Inspired by the world of African rally-raids and defined by its modern and distinctive design, Sabbia is the new Zard collection dedicated to the Ducati DesertX, the Aprilia Tuareg 660 and the Yamaha Ténéré 700.

Officine Italiane Zard produces a wide variety of exhaust systems, both as Racing and Homologated for road use: let's find out the differences and how to choose your exhaust.

The story of Officine Italiane Zard: when and where the Italian exhaust company was born.

When was Officine Italiane Zard born? And where are the Italian brand's exhausts produced? Discover the whole history of the company and of Zard exhausts, produced exclusively by hand in Italy.